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If you are a victim of medical negligence that has resulted in further injury, additional unnecessary treatment, or negligence that is a violation of the standard of care, then you are due appropriate compensation. Enlisting a skilled, experienced personal injury lawyer should be your first priority.

Smith Giles PLLC carries over 40 years of experience in litigation and arbitration in North Carolina. Our personal injury firm strives to provide our clients with the best representation possible by carefully planning every step of the process to ensure the best outcome for your medical malpractice case.

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Medical Malpractice Representation in North Carolina

When a healthcare professional acts in a way that falls short of the medical standard of care, this is called medical negligence. This becomes medical malpractice, and thus legally actionable, when the following criteria apply:

  • The doctor was responsible for your care – Barrier number one is that you must be able to prove that this medical care provider was responsible for your care. Free advice doesn’t count, nor does “unofficial” medical care.
  • The care provider failed to treat with reasonable skill and proficiency – If the care provided doesn’t hold up to the established standard of care, or it was otherwise risky or unorthodox, then the situation can then be classified as negligence.
  • Failure of care resulted in further injury or harm – You have sustained an injury or received bodily harm that you would not have sustained if under a healthcare provider who was not being negligent.
  • Failure of care led to damages – This further injury led to suffering and hardship, significant personal financial cost, considerable pain, disability, or loss of income, or it otherwise drastically impacted your personal quality of life.

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Even in the hands of an experienced lawyer, medical malpractice cases can be a long, arduous, and exhausting experience for all involved. At Smith Giles PLLC we will apply our extensive experience and knowledge, as well as our meticulous process, in order to look after your best interests. We are dedicated to making the process as simple and manageable as possible for you.

We will work diligently throughout the discovery and negotiation process to ensure you receive the due compensation that you deserve. If the case proceeds to full litigation, you can trust that the experienced attorneys at Smith Giles PLLC will place your interests above all else.

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