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If you have received personal injury due to the negligence of a person, business, or other entity, then you are likely entitled to proper compensation. To get the best results possible, you need a personal injury lawyer who is both experienced and dedicated.

Smith Giles PLLC is a personal injury firm with nearly 40 years of experience in serving Burlington, North Carolina clients. With our team, you can count on our team for the proper representation for your personal injury case. Through meticulous preparation and the belief that our clients’ needs come first, Smith Giles PLLC is the team to call.

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Personal Injury Representation in Burlington, North Carolina

A personal injury case involves an injured party seeking compensation against a person or other entity (i.e. business, government, etc.). Personal injury can include bodily harm, emotional harm or distress, or mental harm.

In most cases, the personal injury is a result of negligence of the defending party, though intentional harm personal injury cases—those involving defamation or assault—are common as well.

Smith Giles PLLC handles North Carolina personal injury cases related to:

Medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional distress, reduced quality of life—there are many wrongs that can come as a result of personal injury. At Smith Giles PLLC, our team firmly believes that you should be appropriately compensated for any injury that has occurred as a result of negligence. We will strive to gather as much information as possible and prepare accordingly, so that you have the highest chance of receiving what you are owed.

Remember that the statute of limitations in North Carolina provides no more than three years from the time of the injury. Don’t wait out of fear or stress—connect with our team to find the representation you need.

Our Team Goes the Extra Mile to Get You Proper Compensation

Personal injury suits can be draining from start to finish. Our team understands the toll that these proceedings can take, which is why we work tirelessly to provide all of the support we possibly can to lighten your load.

If you are a victim of personal injury, we are happy to provide an at-home, no-cost consultation so that you have access to a qualified team of legal experts no matter your personal circumstance.

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