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Understanding Counterfeit Criminal Law in North Carolina

Defining Forgery & Counterfeiting in North Carolina

Counterfeiting and forgery are the same under North Carolina state law. Almost always categorized as a felony offense, forgery is a specific type of fraud that involves using documentation to defraud another individual to gain a benefit.

Due to their inherently serious nature, counterfeiting charges must be backed by a substantial amount of evidence, and therefore typically involve a lengthy investigation period. It’s essential to understand your rights during this investigation period, so it’s always recommended that you seek a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to help you understand your options and obligations.

Penalties for Criminal Counterfeiting in NC

Punishments for criminal counterfeiting vary in degree of severity depending on the exact details of your case. While all forgery charges are considered a felony, the specific class of felony and penalty duration typically depends on the type and number of documents that were forged:


Felony Class Documents Counterfeited Penalty
Class I Checks, notes, counterfeit instruments,
or documents/paperwork containing
fake endorsements
3–12 months in prison
Class H Deeds, wills, and related documents 4–25 months in prison
Class G Five or more checks, notes,
and counterfeit instruments
8–31 months in prison


Possible Defenses for Criminal Forgery

An experienced forgery attorney can provide you with several possible defenses depending on the details of your case. In general, the following criminal defenses are commonly used when faced with such charges:

  • Insufficient evidence: Should the prosecutor fail to provide enough evidence for a conviction, you may be acquitted of your criminal counterfeiting charges.
  • Consent: If the alleged victim in your case is someone who agreed to your actions, you could use this as a defense.
  • Mistake of fact: Sometimes, a forgery is a simple mistake made by the accused, such as issuing a worthless check thinking there was money to cover it.
  • Lack of intent: Intent to defraud is an essential component of convicting someone of counterfeiting, making this a possible defense should the prosecutor fail to prove this.

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NC Counterfeit Law FAQs

What types of forgery can I be charged with in the state of North Carolina?

There are many different types of counterfeiting events that can land you with a criminal charge in the state of North Carolina, including:

  • Forging financial notes, checks, or security documents
  • Issuing a fake pay stub to an employee or independent contractor
  • Counterfeiting money, including creating fake money or using it as a form of payment
  • Forging a will, trust, deed, or other such instruments
  • Forging a doctor’s prescription — involving the use of a health care provider’s prescription pad or other official letterheads — to obtain a controlled substance
  • Signature forgery
  • Presenting a fraudulent writing

How is counterfeiting proven in a court of law?

For a prosecutor to convict someone of counterfeiting, they must prove:

  • The modification or alteration of an existing document or creation of a false document/instrument
  • The document is legally significant due to its value, representation of value, or ownership interest
  • The alteration or modification of the document was “material,” meaning it changed the legal meaning of the document
  • The defendant possessed the intent to defraud another party by misrepresenting the nature of the document knowing that the person or entity would rely upon it

What will a counterfeiting criminal defense attorney do for me?

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