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When you are charged with DWI in Burlington or Graham, NC, you need an attorney with experience you can count on. At Smith Giles, PLLC, we are dedicated to defending the rights of our clients as they defend themselves against criminal charges. You do not have to plead guilty and have every right to defend yourself against the charges.

Our attorneys in North Carolina thoroughly examine the facts and evidence law enforcement and prosecutors have collected. We have a strong record of successfully challenging the reasons for the traffic stop, the testimony, and testing collected by law enforcement officers, as well as errors in police and court procedures. We explore every option to preserve your freedom following a DWI charge.

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DWI Defenses in North Carolina

To obtain a conviction, prosecutors in North Carolina must establish that you were operating a motor vehicle or boat while you were under the influence. They must prove the precise BAC or level of narcotics in the bloodstream. Further, they must adhere to the law regarding evidence collection and advising you of your rights.

Often, there is no probable cause for the traffic stop or your arrest. Police must have probable cause to make a traffic stop, conduct a roadside test, administer a breathalyzer, or request a urinalysis. When they do not, law enforcement officers commit a severe violation of your rights. It’s a violation that can be grounds for dismissing the prosecution’s case against you.

Another common error involves failure to administer a Miranda warning before commencing questioning. This should be delivered before taking you into custody, and many times officers make mistakes and fail to properly advise individuals of their right to remain silent and avoid answering questions until they have spoken with an attorney.

The Truth About Breathalyzers

It’s a mistake to believe that a breathalyzer result seals the prosecution’s arguments against you. The fact is that breathalyzers are complex machines that often deliver unreliable results. In recent years, results of these tests have been repeatedly and successfully challenged in courts across the country.

When the integrity of a breathalyzer result is in question, we will request measurements, request and review maintenance records for the equipment, analyze the results, and determine whether the arresting officer had sufficient training on the device.

We Defend Your Freedom

Our attorneys will explore every possible defense for your case. Our meticulous preparation process ensures that we cover every possible detail. Our team will speak with witnesses, sift through the police records, and examine every piece of evidence collected at the crime scene or while you were in police custody.

We will gather experts who can challenge the prosecution’s arguments and bolster your defense. We know your freedom is your most valuable asset, and the team at Smith Giles, PLLC works hard to defend it at every step of the proceedings.

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