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If you’ve been accused of a white-collar crime in the state of North Carolina, Smith Giles PLLC has the knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys you need to fight your case. Our criminal defense lawyers have years of experience successfully litigating white-collar crime cases, doing everything in our power to defend our clients’ freedoms. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the greatest outcome in your case, providing you with the personalized legal guidance you need every step of the way.

When you need a white-collar criminal defense team to help fight your North Carolina case, Smith Giles PLLC has the legal experts you need.

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Types of White-Collar Crimes in North Carolina

“White-collar crime” is a term used to describe a broad range of crimes that typically involve financial-related offenses committed by business professionals, public officials, directors of nonprofit boards, and other individuals for corporate or personal gain. Not all white-collar crimes are considered federal crimes, and each case requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure the best outcome. Whether you’ve been charged federally or not, our criminal defense team has experience litigating many different types of white-collar crimes in Raleigh, NC, including:

  • Bank wire or internet fraud
  • Bribery
  • Conspiracy
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • Forgery
  • Money laundering
  • Obtaining prescription drugs through fraudulent means
  • Obtaining property under false pretenses
  • Tax evasion

North Carolina state applies severe penalties to these crimes, with most white-collar cases considered felonies instead of misdemeanors. You must have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney by your side to help defend your freedoms and secure the best outcome for your case.

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With nearly 40 years of experience serving North Carolina residents, Smith Giles PLLC is uniquely capable of helping you navigate your white-collar crime case. Through our decades of dedicated service, we have established a reputation for providing exceptional legal services throughout the state. Our philosophy is built on the belief that a vigorous defense is in it for the long haul: We’ve litigated hundreds of North Carolina white-collar crime cases with a proven track record of meticulous preparation and hawk-like attention to detail.

Don’t navigate the choppy legal waters of your white-collar crime case alone: Smith Giles PLLC is the ally you need to secure the best outcome for your criminal charges.

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